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Invapa VR-1

VR-1 Battery - Using/Vaping

The VR-1 is very easy to vape/smoke but there are a few steps that you need to be aware of before trying to use it.
  1. Ensure that the battery is charged
  2. Ensure that the clearomiser is filled with eLiquid
If you are unsure of any of these steps, please review the appropriate FAQ.

Attach the refillable tank to the battery by engaging the thread and turning in a clockwise direction until fully connected - do not over tighten. Please note that refillable tank types may differ.

Next Turn the battery ON by pressing the button 3 times in succession

Vaping (smoking) the Ego is easy - simply press and hold the button whilst inhaling from the mouthpiece - simple as that!

When you're finished vaping and want to put the device away, press the button 3 times again to turn the battery OFF - this reduces the chance of accidental activation whilst the battery is stored in a wallet or pocket.