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Invapa VR-1

VR-1 Battery - Turning On, Turning off and Battery Status

The VR-1 Battery has a 3 click on/off safety feature built into the battery. This allows the battery to be turned off when not in use, so that the switch is not accidentally activated.

So how do you know whether it's turned on or off? Simply push the switch briefly and see if it lights up. If it doesn't light up, then it's either off (or it's completely flat and needs a charge)!

To turn the battery on, push the switch 3 times quickly - the LED lights within the switch will go through a start up sequence, which is usually red/amber/green.

When you next push the switch to use the device, the colour will indicate it's state of charge.

To turn the battery off, simply click the switch 3 times quickly again.