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What does nicotine strength (MG) mean?

The term MG (or mg) refers to the strength, or nicotine content of the e-liquid and can be generally categorised as low, medium and high. This allows users to choose a nicotine strength to match their current habit or taste, as well as giving the option to reduce any dependency over time, if so desired.

If you're new to electronic cigarettes, consider starting with a lower strength and working up if needed, rather than the other way around. A good starting point for new users is generally 12mg. With higher strengths (than you're perhaps used to) you may find that you suffer light headedness, dizziness, or even nausea. If you experience side effects such as these, lower your nicotine strength.

ZERO - 0mg e-liquid
This is nicotine free e-liquid. Some users like to enjoy the habit of smoking, but without the nicotine content making 0mg perfect for precisely that.

LOW - 6mg e-liquid
This is considered to be low nicotine strength range and is generally suitable for users that normally smoke light cigarettes

REGULAR - 12mg e-liquid
This is considered to be regular/medium nicotine strength range and as a guide is generally a good starting point for new users.

HIGH 18mg e-liquid
This is considered to be a high nicotine strength range.

EXTRA HIGH 24mg e-liquid
This is considered to be a very high nicotine strength range. While it's possible to find higher strengths than this, we do not stock anything higher than 24mg

Please note that these are general guidelines and as usual, It really does come down to individual preference - experiment to find what suits you best.