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Invapa VR-1

VR-1 Refillable Tanks - Filling

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These are the steps to fill the VR-1 Refillable Tanks;

1) First remove the mouthpiece by unscrewing in an anti-clockwise direction. Take care to always grip by the metal banding and not by the clear tube as this may cause breakages.

Take Care: Continue to use a screwing motion, even when the thread has disengaged. This will help prevent the internal seal from being dislodged. Observe seals and remove any dirt, hairs or other debris. It's possible that only one seal is present, since only one is actually required.

2) Next hold the body at an angle and squeeze in the juice, avoiding the centre hole/tube. Avoid overfilling, filling up to the 1.6ml mark if required.

3) Replace the mouthpiece (taking care as described in point 1). A little eliquid can be added around the stem of the mouthpiece as a lubricant if required, to make it easier to push through the seal. The final step is to place a piece of tissue paper over the threaded end and give a sharp blow through from the mouthpiece end. This removes any liquid that may have managed to accumulate in the centre hole as you do not want this to get into your device, or back into your mouth.

Take Care with threads: When bringing items together that have threads - back them up in reverse direction until they engage properly, before turning in correct direction to tighten. This will reduce the possibility of cross threading.

Important Note: If this is the first time you are filling your tank - wait a few minutes for the e-liquid to soak the wicks fully, which will help avoid any 'dry hits'.

That's it, your tank is filled and ready for use.