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The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many obvious benefits to using e-cigarettes over smoking traditional cigarettes. Of all of the benefits though, avoiding over 4,000 poisonous chemicals has to be at the top of the list. Smoking a traditional cigarette burns tobacco, and when tobacco is burnt it releases a dangerous cocktail of around 4,000 chemicals including Carbon Monoxide, Tar and even Arsenic, to name but a few. At least 80 of these chemicals are capable of causing cancer and hundreds of others are actually poisonous [source of chemical information: Cancer Research UK - Cancer Research UK does not endorse our products in any way].

E-cigarettes do not burn anything, so they quite simply sidestep this serious health issue. For more information on the health implications associated with smoking electronic cigarettes, visit the "Are They Safe" page

Another major benefit of smoking electronic cigarettes is the considerable financial savings that can be made. It can be up to 80% cheaper to use e-cigarettes versus traditional cigarette smoking.

For more information on financial aspects of smoking e-cigarettes visit the "How Much Does It Cost" page, or try our Cost Calculator,

The Benefits Of Smoking E-Cigarettes Summarised

  • Avoids over 4,000 poisonous chemicals associated with traditional cigarette smoking
  • Avoids the dangers associated with passive cigarette smoke
  • No horrible cigarette smell in the air, or on clothes and upholstery
  • No smelly cigarette breath
  • Regain your sense of taste and smell
  • The smoking of e-cigarettes is often allowed where cigarettes are banned
  • There are considerable savings to be made over traditional cigarette smoking costs
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